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Open air studio

09 Sep 2017 : Open air studio

Welcome open studio. Follow signs to the garden. Held with Devon Open Studio. Open to the art loving public. You can see paintings and art. And try your hand at painting the still life of the day. And buy my art.  Open 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday, from the 9th September to the 23rd September. Free open air studio.

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27 Feb 2016 : New Greetings Cards Available

NEW greetings cards , set price of three pounds each for cards, recycled card of good thickness. Order from this website.

The Great Gorillas Project

21 Jul 2013 : The Great Gorillas Project

You find your inspiration all around you. From the way the leaves change from green to yellow to the fine whiskers upon a leopard’s face which all have purpose. This commission represented a wonderful opportunity to place the image of a tipper truck upon a gorilla. Gorillas are amazing animals, that we know little about.

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